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Dbt macro variables

The macro can be injected anywhere in your sql files, dbt will first. Custom macro to test for equality. We can write custom sql queries and reuse them across our project. These custom queries are called macros . There are 2 main types of tests in dbt , they are. Schema tests: Queries which return the number 0 to pass else fails.

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intellij gradle unable to find method. One option was to install DBT as a python package and run directly on the same machine as Airflow. The other one was to use DBT Cloud to manage the connection to the data warehouse and the job. Part 1: Launching an instance and installing Airflow. Part 2: Installing DBT and some settings to make the work easier. . Unicode support including UTF-8/UTF-16. Placing commas inside a variable is often a poor idea. If you intend to use it as a macro parameter it will fail because the macro variable resolves with the commas and then each value after a comma is treated as a another parameter. Generally this results in the number of parameters passed not matching the macro definition. %let a=c1,c2,c3,c4,c5;.

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In this post, I’ll demonstrate how three features of dbt can support the use of controlled vocabulary column naming by: Creating variable names that adhere to conventions with Jinja templating. Operating on subgroups of columns created by custom macros to enforce contracts. Validating subgroups of columns to ensure adherence to contracts with.

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External sources in dbt. dbt v0.15. added support for an external property within sources that can include information about location, partitions, and other database-specific properties.. This package provides: Macros to create/replace external tables and refresh their partitions, using the metadata provided in your .yml file source definitions; Snowflake-specific macros to create, backfill.

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As dbt allows you to combine Jinja with SQL, you can turn your dbt project into a programming environment for SQL, which allows you to do things you can't normally do in SQL (e.g. using control structures and environment variables). dbt also allows the application of a test on a given column by simply referencing it under the same YAML file.

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